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Legal framework and Requirements to Conduct Non-Clinical & Clinical Trial And Bioavailability & Bioequivalence Study of a New Drug before its commercial production.
July, 7 2020
Rakesh Kumar, Advocate
The novel corona virus has caused an unprecedented grim situation for the humanity across the globe. It has caused stirring effects to human minds. Both Hopelessness and helplessness are looming large. Despite being in the age of science and technology and, despite the virus is wreaking havoc in our socio-economic lives, we are unable to find any authentic remedy against the virus. ...........
Violation of Layout Design of Semiconductor Integrated Circuits and defence of Reverse Engineering.
June, 6 2020
Rupesh Kumar Sinha, Advocate
Reverse engineering is the process of extracting know-how or knowledge from a human made artefact by disassembling and analysing it to discern of what and how it was made. Reverse engineering is lawful process so long as it is used to acquire the trade secret of a known product and to produce an original product by way of forward engineering..........
Drafting Arbitration Agreement: Dos and Don’ts
May, 27 2020
Rakesh Kumar, Advocate
The contents of arbitration agreements have been subject matter of numerous litigations and lack of clarity therein has been the cause of the same. Such litigation substantiality delays the arbitral proceeding and increases the time of dispute resolution. The contents and the language of arbitration agreements determine ‘Seat of Arbitration’, applicable ‘Law of Arbitration’ and ‘Substantial Law’ governing the dispute. ..........
special economic zones (sezs) in India
May, 25 2020
Sataroop Das, Advocate
A special economic zone (SEZ) refers to a geographical region having more relaxed and liberal economic laws as compared to typical economic laws prevailing in other parts and regions of the country. The concept of SEZs was foreign to India, however there were some policies relating to SEZs which were contained in the Foreign Trade Policy. ..........
Seat & Venue of Arbitration: Is the difference obliterated ?
May, 15 2020
Rakesh Kumar, Advocate
- Issue:
The recent development in law has brought , Seat of Arbitration? to the fore because it is the sole factor which determines the territorial jurisdiction of the Court in terms of supervision of the Arbitral Proceeding and challenge of the arbitral award. ..........
Employers Liability to pay wages to absentee employees, forced to remain absent from work during COVID-19 lockdown period
May, 9 2020
Rakesh Kumar & Chetan Dutt, Advocates
- Issue:
Issue Whether an employer is liable to pay wages to its absentee employees for wage period or part thereof falling during COVID-19 Lockdown/Restrictions? ..........
Arbitral seat and supervisory jurisdiction of court:Choice of parties
May, 5 2020
Rakesh Kumar, Advocate
- Which is the appropriate Court/forum to approach in arbitral matters in respect of:
i. Appointment of arbitrator when parties failed to appoint an Arbitrator.
ii. Collection of evidence.
iii. Challenging the Arbitral award. .....
Foreign companies, wholly owned subsidiaries & joint ventures - ways of doing business in India
May, 3 2020
Harsh Upadhyay, Advocate
- A foreign company can carry on its business in India, on its own, by establishing its place of business in India. However, within 30 days of establishment of its place of business in India, a foreign company shall comply with the provisions of the Companies (Registration of Foreign Company) Rules, 2014 which provides the regulatory framework for registration of foreign companies in India and other related compliances.....
Increase in FPI limits - Boon to the Indian stock market
May, 1 2020
Ruchika Agarwala, Advocate
On 17th October, 2019 the Ministry of Finance notified the Foreign Exchange Management (Non-Debt Instruments) Rules, 2019 [NDI Rules] bringing about various changes to the scheme of foreign investment in India including an increase in the limit for Foreign Portfolio Investment [FPI]. .....
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